Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Autism Support-AZ

As many of you may or may not know Autism is a growing childhood "disease" in America affecting 1 in 150 children(according to the Center for Disease Control, CDC). These children however live in families that are affected, attend schools, live in communities, and depend on a society that is largely affected by this growing population...and something must be done about it.

Due to its newly-dubbed "national public health crisis" status, the public and private sectors have begun financial and resourceful involvement and support in finding treatments and cures... and of course local state governments have jumped on board to try and "do their part" to appease the problem as well. However, in Arizona the Senate Bill proposed solution would actually hurt more than help the Autism community. The current issue that families with Autism living in Arizona are facing is Autism insurance legislation. (watch video)

In essence the state is trying to pass a bill that will strip private insurance coverage for individuals with Autism which is an extremely costly burden to families. In the long run, if our legislators will support insurance coverage for Autism treatment, it will save millions of dollars for the public, private, and government sectors because AUTISM IS TREATABLE and many individuals could avoid being institutionalized if they get early intervention.
It is important that we do our part as informed citizens, so I AM ASKING YOU to research this topic by reading information here and then I am asking you to act NOW (as timing is critical). Visit: and follow the simple directions listed there. I have contacted my Legislators and Governor's office and continue to send emails and phone calls.

Jeff attended the Candlelight Vigil last night at the AZ State Capitol Building as the DJ, from Banda Brothers DJ's. He did his part in showing the legislators who were present that families in Arizona need private insurance coverage for these children at risk. As many of you may or may not know my sister's 10-year old son, Dallin has Asperger's Syndrome (high-functioning Autism) and our family has joined this fight to advocate for resources and recognition of this childhood disorder that there is still no identifiable cause for. So here's to our fight for Dallin and all his friends who are just like him! And here is our shout out to Katie (my sister) who helped to co-found SANE (Supporting Autism Now through Education), who has helped numerous families begin their fight.
(Our nephew Dallin)


Anonymous said...

I am in awe of the Wride family's strength and am so grateful that they have the insight to fight for Dallin's quality of life, as well as other children with Autism. Your family is like family to us, and we will do whatever we can to support this important issue.

Anonymous said...

I happened to catch Matt Savage on the Late Show with David Letterman last night. It's amazing the talent he has while dealing with the challenges of Autism. If you were'nt able to see it, here is a link.

Curtis Family said...

Looks like your quite the blogger. I was just looking through Lindsay's blog and thought to check out her blog friend and thought, Moss, that sound familiar to me. Little did I know it was Holly! Anyways, I thought I would drop a line and say hi. and in case you don't recognize the las name it's Christina Roskelley, RA with you at the dorms : ) . Last name Curtis now.
Oh and I think it is awesome that you are doing SANE, something many people are not aware about.

Brad Senska said...

I am glad Dallin is doing well. Does Dallin still have Bebe, his golden retriever?