Friday, January 18, 2008

Homemade Haircut

Last weekend Jeff and I returned from one of our occasional "drives" (where our most enthralling conversations always seem to occur) with our minds made up to give Corbin a little trim-up haircut. He really needed it cleaned up around his neck and ears. Jeff has much more experience at cutting hair than I do (good ole mission and brother haircuts) so he naturally took it upon himself to "trim up" Corbin's hair.
Children are naturally so trusting and it was hilarious to watch Corbin's face as his dad came at him with that noisy vibrating trimmer while he sat naked (+ a diaper) in the tub. Surprisingly he did great at holding still because the sensation and sound seemed to mesmerize him. Jeff did a #5 all over and trimmed up the neck and ears very well.
But it wasn't until after he was done that we both realized how short a #5 trim is on a little boy with thin hair. It went from a "trim" to a "buzz" real quick. Look at all that beautiful brown hair we just chopped off! My grandma Ione would be having fits that I wasn't gluing some of it in his baby book. (We've already done that 2 or 3 times.) Oh well, it'll grow back.
So, this was the final product and I think it looks pretty cute. Corbin has the same spiky hairdo as his daddy now. It makes him look so much older and that makes me kind of sad. All of a sudden my baby boy is 18 months old, going to nursery, having playdates with friends, wearing his hair spiky and I'm counting down the days for baby #2. Crazy how much joy we find in our kids even in these simple milestones.