Friday, January 18, 2008

Driving lessons

Jeff and I finally made it to the temple this year thanks to our friend's the Cox's who watched Corbin for us when none of our family seemed to be available. We try to go the first Tuesday of the month while my mom watches Corbin but it didn't work out this month so we're grateful Porter shared his mom and dad with Corbin for a few hours. Anyway, as we were leaving the Cox's instead of buckling Corbin into his car seat Jeff hurried and jumped in the driver seat with him and started driving home! Corbin was giggling with delight when he realized the car was moving and he was helping daddy move it with the steering wheel. I wish I had video-taped it so you could hear his giggles.
Good thing the Cox's live literally down the street WITHIN our subdivision so we passed no other vehicle and were able to creep at a constant 10 mph!
Jeff and Corbin were both proud of themselves for the first mini-driving lesson. Good thing we hold temple recommends and don't break any laws, right!? =) I know, I know... what dad has NOT done that with their kid?


Bryce, Anna and Porter said...

Don't feel bad... Bryce has Porter drive when we come to your house too. They get such a kick out of it that its worth it... I wasn't there and lately I haven't had my camera as handly (way to be ready)...thats probably why my blog has been so neglected... oh and thanks for having us over to play Porter's a little young, but it was so fun to see him play with 'bigger' toys... we're probably getting a little rider here in then next little bit cause that was too cute!!

Natalie Sue said...

That is so much fun! It's true. Every dad does it. When I was little we knew the exact stop sign that dad would let us start driving at in the neighborhood. Corbin will have such fun childhood memories!

Kate said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY HOLLY!!!! It's too late to call or stop by with a treat... but I was just thinking of you. Hope you had a happy day. Corbin's haircut it so cute. He does look so grown up.
Also Anna & I were talking on Sunday, and since Jeff & Quinten are hometeaching companions and are supposed to visit the Coxes... we should just plan a bbq and they can get their home teaching done and we can all play. What do you think?
xoxo Kate