Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Birthdays, BBQ's, Ducks & Wii

Our 3-day weekend was a fun-filled one, of course because we 3 uninterrupted days together, but we also celebrated our birthdays (which are 3 days apart).
We had the Bandas and Thomas over for a BBQ on Friday night where we enjoyed Jeff's steaks and hamburgers, Holly's homemade chocolate cake, and a fun-filled game of Catch Phrase.Saturday morning we ventured down to the Riparian Preserve, behind Greenfield Library and enjoyed feeding the ducks and geese our leftover hamburger buns.
Corbin absolutely loved the Preserve and can't wait to go back. After our good friend Mike Stephan's wedding reception Saturday night we enjoyed another BBQ and Wii entertainment @ the Comish's. It was a workout!On Monday we "slept-in" (except Jeff made me breakfast in bed) and enjoyed a low-key day of shopping, playing at Grandma's house and a nice dinner @ California Pizza Kitchen... yum!
Jeff's birthday is tomorrow (January 24th) and we'll celebrate his birthday this weekend. It's a great month of celebrations at our house. Although... keep reading, our real celebration will take place in 3 short weeks when we take a long over-due vacation to Hawaii!


The Thomas' said...

We had a great time last Friday - even though Ryan got a battle wound :) Hope you guys had great birthdays!

The Elders said...

Hey guys! You found us, whats funny is I was going to go blog stalking and find you guys today haha. Anyway thanks so much for coming over, Aaron and I are in love with Corbin he has to be the cutest boy ever! We need to hang out again soon.