Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Big Brother-in-Training

I know I know, you are probably wondering why our SON is playing with a doll. Well, during a weekly trip to grandma's Corbin discovered the baby all on his own and pretty much adopted it as his, no joke. He brought "her" over to me and pointed out her nose, eyes, mouth, ears, hair, toes, and belly button and developed a fascination with her, so I played along. I showed him how to change the baby's diaper and wrap her in a blanket and then feed her and burp her and then put her in the stroller to push her around. He absolutely loved it and played along. After a while he let me know she was crying and gave her the bottle and I told him good job because the baby stopped crying... so he must have thought there was some really good stuff in that bottle because he decided to tip it back and try it himself.
He carried the baby around and held her and fed her for a good hour and kept whispering, "sshhhhh... babee" (putting his finger up to his lips). It is now his new crusade to find the baby and the bottle every time we go to grandma's house. I hope this is a good sign that he is ready for a new baby in the house. I think it was an excellent first lesson on how to be a big brother. Now if we could just get him to stay quiet when we tell him to "sshhhhh, go to sleep, or pray, or sit in church, or listen to mommy" etc. Hopefully his fascination will keep up with him until June. Until then, he's a pretty cute big brother in training.


Natalie Sue said...

That is the cutest thing! I love the pictures. He will be a good big brother!