Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Num-Nums in December?

Every day around 3pm (M-Th) I start my tutoring sessions and it leaves Corbin and Jeff to entertaining each other... Well, last week they were playing with trains in the living room when suddenly they heard the magical sound of an ice cream truck music box playing somewhere in our neighborhood. Quickly Jeff jumped up to find a buck and ran out the door with Corbin. Well, they came back with num-nums (aka- ice cream) and I think both were in heaven while the ice cream crunch bar lasted.
You would think Corbin would have gotten a brain freeze if you had seen how fast he had tried to eat the num-nums... it's his new favorite treat now, unfortunately its December (winter) and it's not exactly the best time to enjoy num-nums.
However we DO live in Arizona where the highs linger in the 60's a little longer... so we can endure!
But, Corbin doesn't mind and if you know anything about MY family, ice cream is a year round staple in our diet... I think it even has its own food group at our house. So, Corbin has ventured into the world of discovering num-num flavors. Life is sweeeeeet! =)