Thursday, December 13, 2007


Okay, so I got tagged through email AND blogger, so to kill 2 birds with 1 stone... here it goes:

4 places I've worked...
1. Bahama Bucks- Shaved Ice & Tropical Drink Cafe
2. As an EFY Counselor and as dorm Resident Assistant (RA) @ BYU-Idaho (that's 2, I know)
3. As SECURITY @ BYU's Lavell Edwards Football Stadium
4. As a Special Education Teacher in 3 different schools across 2 states!

4 places I've lived...
1. Tempe, AZ
2. Rexburg, ID
3. Provo/Orem, UT
4. Mesa, AZ

4 Favorite TV shows...
1. Prison Break (Jeff got me hooked...)
2. The Bachelor (yeah... it's pathetic, but I'm a fan)
3. Extreme Makeover Home Edition (It won't ever get old for me, I cry every time)
4. Oprah (I know, you either love her or hate her, but I don't get to watch it much because I am tutoring at 3pm everyday but Friday... DVR!)

4 movies I want to see...
1. National Treasure: Book of Secrets (comes out tomorrow 12/14/07)
2. Martian Child
3. August Rush
4. I am Legend (Will Smith movie)

4 Favorite Foods... (how do you pick 4?)
1. Daphne's Honey Chicken Pita with a side of rice
2. Homemade soups in a bread bowl: Veggie soup, chili, potato cheese, chicken noodle
3. Fresh fruit... watermelon, strawberries, grapes, pineapple, oranges, honey dew...etc.
4. Lately, anything with cheese: nachos, bagel & cream cheese, crackers & cheese, pretzel with cheese, lasagna, chicken & cheese... gotta love pregnancy diets, yum!

4 weird things about me...
1. I have to sleep with some type of "white noise", preferably a fan...even in winter!
2. Often times I find myself counting random things like the lines on the road, my steps, the lights at church, the number of cars parked on the street... idk, call me Jason Bourne. :)
3. I HAVE to shower and put lotion on everyday or I feel like I never really "woke up"
4. I get sucked into Blogger-land almost daily... it's an addiction!

4 Places I'd rather be...
1. On the beach in Kuai with Jeff & Corbin
2. In D.C. with Jeff, touring his mission
3. On a cruise with a bunch of my friends and their spouses... anyone?
4. Playing in the snow, watching Jeff & Corbin snowball fight

4 people I'm tagging...
1. Mandy Heal
2. Michelle Burgi
3. Natalie Permann
4. Anna Cox


Natalie Sue said...

Ah, ya tagged me! It was fun to read yours....and I started laughing out loud, cause I count EVERYTHING too...and not on purpose. If there is a repeat of something, I count it. Especially stairs.