Thursday, July 26, 2007

Cousin's Camp 2007

Cousin's Camp at the cabin in Pine, AZ! This is one of my favorite family traditions. Every summer my grandma- Ione would invite all the potty-trained cousins to come to their cabin. We would all stay for an entire week to play and get to know each other better since we all lived in different places. We enjoyed treasure hunts, water fights, crafts, wood-burning, archery, hikes, fires, ghost stories, talent shows, game nights, movie nights, puzzles with our papa, yummy meals, spiritual thoughts, tire swinging, tree-house hideouts, chores, "panty parties" in the creek, catching wild animals, motorcylce rides, berry-picking, smores, trophy time, and much more! It was a blast and some of the best memories I have of my cousins and grandparents came from those weeks at the cabin in the summer. Well, Ione has passed the baton on to the next generation and now MY MOM has begun cousins camp with her grandkids. This summer was Corbin's first opportunity to go (with his mom of course, since he's not potty-trained yet). We were blessed with a special treat because Ione was able to make it to the cabin for one day despite her questionable health. It was so fun to see her in the cabin again and so fun to take Corbin to one of my favorite places and times.