Thursday, July 26, 2007

Corbin's Play Pool

Every time Corbin and I would grocery shop at Fry's we would see these fun baby pools in the seasonal section and we'd look at them and walk by. A few weeks ago I finally realized Corbin really is old enough for a play pool and both he and I could get some good use out of it. So, we brought one home, filled it up and put up the "la-la" (Corbin's word for umbrella) and wha-la, we now have a backyard swimming paradise for our little fish. He absolutely loves his the new edition to the backyard! His favorite thing to do is spash in it as hard as he can and then stop to see how wet he got everything around him. Of course he also loves to swim with his ball and car, but he mostly loves to throw them across the yard and watch mom run all around to fetch them for him.
Yoda loves the new pool as well. One day Corbin was splashing so hard and so much that Yoda couldn't stand it anymore so he jumped right into the pool and played tug-o-war with Corbin for the sunglasses. They are good buddies and they both love the water!