Thursday, July 26, 2007

Jeff's Graduation Weekend

Well, Jeff has made it over half of the way to earning his college degree! On July 6th Jeff graduated with his Associates Degree in Business Management--the first class to do so in the new University of Phoenix Cardinals Stadium. He will be the first person to earn his Bachelors degree (in 1 year) in his immediate family. We are so proud of him! His mom, step-dad, brother, and grandmother all drove down from Utah to support Jeff in this big event. We were lucky to have them all to ourselves for a few days. It was so fun. We enjoyed relaxing in the pool, going out to eat, and driving race cars at the Speedway. We also enjoyed a nice BBQ at my mom's house and my little brother Jesse and Jeff's sister Jessica and her daughter Samantha were able to join us that day.

Unfortunately that same weekend grandmother had a mini-stroke and the specialized doctors found she has been living with 2 holes in her heart that have been allowing blood clots to escape to her brain. She is in perfect health otherwise and has a wonderful memory. In short, her stay was lengthened a little and we got to see more of her than originally planned. It was fun to spend time with her and Corbin enjoyed getting to know his great-grandmother a little better. She'll be back in a few weeks to visit the doctors again! Overall, it was a blessing in disguise that she came for the graduation festivities.