Sunday, July 24, 2011


It's amazing how 1 woman, Muriel Bywater....
...who had only 4 children (her youngest son,Kim, not pictured)...
...who had 17 grandchildren (Cody not pictured)....
...who then had (and are still having) 38 great-grandchildren.
All those descendants of Grandmother are so grateful for her legacy and her example. Especially in her 90th year of life! That's one good looking group of relatives whom all began with just one person.
The process continues to repeat itself.
Families are amazing, aren't they?
Here are Tom Heal's descendants:
Stephanie's Johnson's descendants:
Christie Pearce's descendants:
Kim Heal's descendants:

Grandmother Bywater's legacy is a great one. So, my sister and I decided we needed to celebrate her, especially as she approaches 90 years this September. You see, my sister Mandy and I married cousins and got lucky enough to be considered two of Grandmother's descendants by marriage. Mandy organized the group gift: a personal history book of Muriel's life from her childhood to today.
It's beautiful and it has messages from each of her children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. In order to gift her with this book we decided to have a birthday BBQ for GG and surprise her with all but 2 of her family members. After we captured the moment with family pictures, we had a potluck BBQ and a few gifts...and lots of fun.
Deagan enjoyed the desserts.
We're pretty sure Grandmother loved it too...
...the book and the family, the food, the fun and her beautiful legacy.

I guess we can never underestimate the power and influence of one wonderful person, and one beautiful life legacy.


Chad and Amanda said...

That is Amazing and beautiful:)

Anonymous said...

Holly, I couldn't have said it better! You are truly an amazing daughter, and I feel so blessed to have you in our family. I can only thank your incredible mom and dad for YOU and the blessings you bring to our family!
Love YOU!