Saturday, December 11, 2010

SLC Temple Lights!

The Salt Lake City Temple Christmas Lights are one of those family outings you just HAVE to take if you live in Northern Utah. Although young our kids love to see the large nativity, temple, lights, reflection pool, etc. on Temple Square. We told them to find their favorite lit tree to take a picture next to. Here was Corbins':
Here was Q's:
We met up with our good friends, the States and their boys... they are always a riot to hang out with. It's funny to think we played with them on the beaches of Kauai and now we're tromping through SLC winters together....
The boys loved standing under this red tree and looking up. Of course Quinton wouldn't cooperate in this picture.
The reflection pool is always beautiful, but especially at winter with its floating lights and floating nativity pieces. I think we witnessed at least 3 engagements at this very spot that night.
Corbin really got into the nativity story this year. It excited him to see it displayed this way.
Documentation that I was there. We were so glad it was like 30* warmer this year than last year. When my parents came with us lat year it was 12*. This year it was about 40*... much more bearable.
Standing at the Conference Center with the SLC Temple behind us.
The States and their little boys.
We like this family tradition and hope it holds up for a few years to come!