Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Corbin was so excited to play soccer again this year...especially in the 4-year old preschool league. That is a sure step above last year's "Start Smart" soccer where the kids basically do workshops and learn drills with their parents = no real games. Although 4-year olds are not that great at the skills and strategy of soccer, they are still entertaining to watch! Corbin is #3....and he's become a great little dribbler and an awesome defender! He's scored several goals this season and his last game is tomorrow night!
Listening to coach.
Taking his "breather"/water break. He still cheers his teammates on even when he's not on the field. So glad he's learned to be a good team player/sport... and not just the "star" of the show.

I'm pretty sure Quinton is just as excited, if not more excited for Corbin's soccer games as he is. The first game I literally had to hold Quinton back from running in the game. He's so ready to play next year. He has also learned to be a good cheerleader for his brother's team.

Deagan, on the other hand, loves Corbin's soccer games for a different reason.
The cones.
"Go Corbin!" (We're pretty sure that's what he's saying here.)
This is one of Deagan's classic faces. The "crusty" is what we call it. When we do or say something he doesn't like he gives us the crusty. Such an expressive kid.
We're sure proud of our big Corbin. This was the season that sure helped him develop into a little athlete. As I type this he's playing soccer in the living room.... even though he knows that's against the rules. "But I'm practicing for my last game tomorrow mom.... I'm gonna score a goal for you!"
Okay Corbin. I'll be happy to cheer you on. GOAL!