Monday, July 5, 2010

Fabulous 4th of July!

WARNING: Lots of pictures!
First of all, I love the 4th of July! Aside from being so Patriotic, its a fun, family holiday and Provo really knows how to celebrate family and country.... let me tell you! I was impressed. Due to the 4th falling on a Sunday this year, the Provo Freedom Festival was spread across the entire weekend. We tried to take advantage of living in the heart of the city and got in our fair share of all the action. Here's a summarized recap of the Fabulous 4th, 2010.

My sister Mandy rolled into town Friday evening and met up with us at the Freedom Festival in downtown Provo. Our boys LOVED seeing Kimball and Jim & Shelley (and Mandy, Dusty, Scottland, Cory, and Emily too). We enjoyed Navajo Tacos, BBQ sandwiches, Lime-Rickey's, live entertainment, a few fair rides, and a little fair-style shopping. Unfortunately our boys didn't last long and we left before it was even dark. (6am balloons come early.)

Saturday morning we started the day at Bulldog field watching the hot air balloons go up. This is one of Jeff's all-time favorite traditions (bc his uncle used to own a balloon and Jeff was part of the crew.) Our boys have learned to love watching the balloons too and this year didn't disappoint. When we first arrive (after finding a park and fighting the crowds for a good spot), it always looks so calm and serene. The balloons are flat, the people are quiet, and the sun isn't quite up yet. But then.... when the winds are right the 1st balloon begins to inflate and things get louder and taller...
This HUGE Coca-Cola balloon is much larger than the average balloon (120 feet tall). We were standing right at the top of it and were amazed to watch as it kept growing, and growing, and growing.
Unfortunately, the winds were too strong and the balloon kept swaying and tipping too much.... and collided with its neighboring balloons. It was quite comical actually watching the crowds running and screaming (like something out of Godzilla) as the balloon came crashing down.
Coke called it quits on that balloon so we found another spot to sit and watch as other balloons started inflating. We met up with more cousins.... Corbin just loves little Lincoln.
Michelle is a devout balloon watcher too and she's teaching Lincoln the right way to celebrate the 4th!
This was a miracle.... a picture of our whole family.
Coke had another "regular" sized balloon they put up, and AF Bank's pig was there along with Smokey the Bear and several other colorful balloons.
Lift off!
After the balloons I enjoyed my first experience with Magleby's French Toast with Cream and Strawberries = HEAVEN! Thanks Michelle for the recommendation. Later, we enjoyed more visiting with more family at Uncle Tom's. These little guys were all born within 3 months of each other. (L to R- Deagan Moss, Lincoln Burgi, Scottland Heal)
That evening we headed to the top of the Utah County building's parking garage to save prime seats for the Stadium of Fire's firework show. These boys are too cute together and couldn't stop running and racing cars .
Hanging out in the back of the car, waitin' for the show.
Oooohhhh-Aaahhhh! Just far enough away that the fireworks were still cool and not scary!
The whole group watching the show....
(kinda strange that we wore hoodies and bundled up in blankets to watch 4th of JULY fireworks)
One happy mommy!
I love watching the fireworks next to the mountains with 2 little boys on my lap.
(Last year it was 2 boys on my lap, 1 in utero, watching fireworks over the ocean.)

Sunday evening we hosted a hot dog roast in our backyard with more family.
Dusty entertained the little boys with intermittent fireworks in the street by our house.
The new trampoline kept the big boys entertained (as well as the spectators).
After most of the fam left we finished off the fireworks. Q loved seeing the fireworks so close but wasn't so sure about holding a sparkler by himself.
These 2 little cousins were deliriously entertained.
Can you say, "Dear in the headlights?"
Cory & Emily are so fun. They gave rides to the kids on their nice, new Vespa!
You can tell when Quinton starts to fade.... he gets loopy!
Sisters! So glad I got some of my own family to come visit for such a fun holiday.
Happy Birthday USA!
Before calling it a night we had to lace up Jeff's running shoes with his timing chip. He started training 2 months ago for the Freedom Festival 10k.... and he wanted to be ready!

At 4:45am Monday morning, Cole and Jeff went down to the County Building to reserve a huge spot for the family for the Grand Parade.... then came home to get ready for a 7am race start time. They are good guys... or just nuts! They ran the 10k together, a small little jog for Cole who runs 50-milers! It was fun that the last leg of the race went right past our house on 9th East. We got to sit on the front law and cheer! (and watch all the crazy 4000 runners and walkers, and more balloons pass overhead, and see floats and carriages start to line up for the parade.)
His goal was to finish the 10k in 1 hour flat. He finished in 1: 04. NOT BAD! He's our hero!
Next, it was on to the Grand Parade. Can I just say... ZOO! You'd think it was the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade for the hoards of people and the crowds of overnight sleepers that camp out to see this parade. It's insane, really... and kind of fun! This was the view behind me, the family of on-lookers...
The view in front was impressive. It's not quite the 4th of July without seeing one of these. Between those that fly over the Stadium of Fire show and this, our boys have found a new love for jets.
And what is a celebration in Provo without BYU? This was another favorite for our boys, I mean who doesn't like cougars and cheerleaders on the 4th of July?
Still so proud that he ran a 10k. That's my man!
See, we have real, unpaid fans! (No really, this was strange. I guess they have the same names as us and like to walk around proclaiming their love for each other in crowded places.)
Pirate Island made a strong showing. Another local favorite.
After a long, crazy, entertaining morning/weekend. We finished the day with another family BBQ at Haley's. What a fun 3 days...really? We packed that all into 3 days!? Wow.
Let's do it again next year. Who's in?


Mandy said...

We are in for sure! We had so much fun. Can you handle us again next year? I need to get copies of your pics from the 4th and Cousin's Camp!

Heatha said...

were in we love all the festivities this time of year..!

Christie said...

Whew....that weekend was a full and fun one! We're looking forward to next year also:)