Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day

I have always claimed that I have the best dad EVER! It's true. He's everything a little girl could ask for in her daddy. He's always been my ROCK. He's got the best laid back personality and yet has a way of expecting great things of his children. He's kind, caring, compassionate, fun, patient, adventurous, spontaneous, helpful, hard-working, strong, sensitive, and loves me unconditionally. I've always known that. When it comes to a father, he's simply the complete package.....and over the years as our relationship has changed and evolved he's gotten even BETTER! We still have the best, enlightening conversations and he still teaches me a ton! I love to watch him with my own children now as the GRANDPA, because I can see the same admiration for him that I had as a child. It's like having a 2nd childhood watching my kids with my parents. Needless to say, I love my dad. Now that we live far away we truly treasure our visits together, and so do my boys. Happy Father's Day dad! Sure love ya!
We love you grandpa!

I always said that if I could ever find anyone like my dad to marry I'd be a lucky girl. Well, I'm one lucky girl! Jeff is the best husband and father to our children and I'm pretty sure our kids feel the same way about their dad that I do about mine.
To celebrate him this year we gave him a long-awaited Whalen fire pit for the backyard. We all gathered 'round it for a fire.... and s'mores, of course!
See, they want to be just like daddy!
The boys picked out some new SPECIAL running socks, shoes, and water belt for Jeff to support his new hobby of running. (His first race will be the Freedom Run over the 4th of July.)
We also made him a poem with hand prints for his work office.The s'mores were pretty good too, just ask Q! My mom got to join us this year for an early father's day celebration because she helped us drive to AZ the next day for Cousins Camp, which Jeff was unable to attend.
I'd say I've got some pretty special men in my life... and hopefully with all of their help we'll raise some pretty amazing sons!
Happy Father's Day to all of you dads and fatherly figures!


Christie said...

Thanks for the makes me proud to have a son that is a pretty great dad!!!