Wednesday, May 19, 2010

a Federal Agent in the fam

Jeff's younger brother Cody got hired with the U.S. Border Patrol and left for training just after the first of the year. We enjoyed a nice going away party for him up in Park City with lots of family and my boys loved it.... so we took lots of pictures.
Grandma Pearce loved holding little Deagan. (He was 2.5 months here.)
Uncle Colton, as always, loved tickling and picking on his nephews...
Julie has this fancy recliner chair with a table and my boys LOVE it! As well as those cookies that they each had 3 or 4 of.... when mom and dad weren't watching! Deer in the headlights Corbin? Isn't Grandma Pearce so pretty?
Grandpa Dick and Uncle Steve rough-housing with the boys. In all actuality the big boys are just trying to keep busy in the name of keeping the younger ones busy.
Silly Grandpa...
And there he is.... Uncle Cody with little Deagan. What's funny is how much those 2 will change during the next 4 months...
Quinton is just like his dad....a ham!
**Post-Edit FYI: Now that Cody is home from basic training and graduation he's all cut-up and Deagan is much bigger and sitting up! But Cody has a few more weeks of Spanish class before he goes to Texas for more training on the Southern Border before being stationed in Blaine, Washington for the rest of his career. Good thing he learned Italian on his he can learn Spanish and then French on the Northern U.S. Border! Sheesh!


Christie said...

Enjoyed the post got some great pictures of the family. Can you believe Cody will be home again in 9 days for 2 time flies!