Friday, January 8, 2010


[I obviously have a lot of catching up to do on this blog so here goes.... the next few posts.]

A few weeks before Christmas we spent an afternoon visiting Great-grandmother (GG) and Grandpa Bywater. Grandmother loved getting acquainted with little Deagan better.
The boys loved playing with GG's blocks. Towers are fun to build and KNOCK over!
Quinton loved reading books with GG (and vice versa).
Corbin and Grandpa wrestled and tickled-matched in the living room......and then sat together and chatted for a while.
After an hour or so of fun we enjoyed pizza and salad with GG and Grandpa. My boys love their visits here. Those tea-cups are pretty fun to drink out of too!


Christensen's said...

I am sure that made grandmother and grandpa's year! I love the pictures!

Christie said...

Take every moment and cherish it! I know the boys will someday look at those pictures and be glad they were a part of their great grandparents lives.