Friday, January 8, 2010

A Christmas Elf...

This Christmas season was especially unique for us for several reasons:
We were unemployed, we spent a lot of time together, it was our first back in Utah with children, it was Deagan's 1st Christmas and..... we had a special elf who adopted us for the 12 days of Christmas! Our boys loved the anonymous gifts that appeared at our door each night. Day 1 was: a REAL Christmas tree (COMPLETE WITH A STAND AND LIGHTS)!Our boys didn't know what to think when we opened the door to a tree standing on our porch, but they sure liked decorating it before bed that night!
Corbin actually got to put the star on it this year. (We normally use our artificial tree but it had to stay in storage this year because it's 9 ft. tall and wouldn't fit in this house.)
Corbin was so proud to help in such a big way.
And the smell of a REAL tree in our home was wonderful!
Isn't it beautiful?
In the days that followed we also received a bell, wreath, candy canes, candle, a red ornament, tinsel and ribbons, a star, a picture of Christ, a nativity set, and a box of oranges; all symbols of Christmas. Thanks to our thoughtful elf, whoever you are, for the gift of LOVE and SERVICE.


Christie said...

Tis the special to be the receiver of such acts of love! I'm sure, who ever it was, received just as much of the spirit of Christmas as you did!

catroller83 said...

ok know what is hilarios? both my boys have these same pjs!!! YOur boys are so cute!!

Christensen's said...

I loved the smell of the real Christmas tree! It makes me want to get a real one next year even if I do have to put lights on it. :) I love having you guys so close and loved having you here for the holidays!