Thursday, December 3, 2009

Boys Night Out

Now that the BYU football season is over (which ended with an amazing win against Utah, BTW) Jeff scored some sweet 4th row BYU basketball tickets for a home game last week. He and Corbin decided to make it a guys night out and attended the game with Cole and Ty. They had a blast. When Corbin got home he raved about the game, the cheerleaders, and the treats. Such a boy!
Looks like BYU has a pretty good team this year.
Mr. Cheesy excited to go to any sporting event with his dad.... and uncle and cousin.
Cole and Ty enjoying the game.
Let's face it, boys love their Boys Nights Out just as much as the girls do. Corbin is still talking about it.


Anonymous said...

Times Corbin and Ty will always remember. I still remember those BYU games my dad would take me to.

Christensen's said...

Love the cheesy grins. I want to steel some of those pictures from you!