Friday, October 9, 2009


Two weeks ago I was lucky to have a small reunion/playdate with 2 of my former college roommates/best friends! My freshman year at Ricks College was AWESOME and most of the reason was because of my amazing roommates. Of the 5 of us, there are now 3 living in Utah so we decided to get together with our 6 kiddos and get re-acquainted. We've all kept in touch pretty good and our kids are about the same ages so it was fun to see how the almost 9 years have changed us.... here are our 6 offspring:
(L to R: Permann boys, Bryant girls, Moss boys)
These are Natalie's cute boys Ethan and Jayden:
Tiffanie's darling girls Chloe and Ella:
My silly boys Corbin and Quinton:
Corbin managed to take a decent picture of the 3 mommies (since there were no other adults around). I think he did a pretty good job getting it straight and centered! This is me, Tiffanie, and Natalie. It was so much fun to get together and we need to do it more often and perhaps include the husbands without the kids? We missed Mary and Kacey but they'll turn up sometime! :)
*Side note: This reunion was arranged also in part because Natalie (far right) just got certified as a Doula and is going to be MY Doula for my ensuing birth in the next week or so and so we had to meet to make a plan. She's going to help so much and has already calmed my nerves and made me feel confident to do it as natural as possible. She's an angel! Also, Tiffanie is going to be watching my nephew for me while I adjust to life with 3 kids. I'm so lucky to have such good friends as part of my support system.


Natalie Sue said...

I know I cry about everything anyway, but your nice post is making me teary. I should warn you, I will also probably bawl when you have your baby. It's just too miraculous not too, and since I already love ya, that's a double wammy! :)