Sunday, October 25, 2009


Born: October 21, 2009 @ 2:10pm
6 lbs 15 oz
18 inches
Dark hair, blue eyes
Here's the brief story:
I went 2 days over my due date after trying many things to naturally induce contractions and failing. I apprehensively gave in and went in early Wednesday (21st) morning for an induction. My Dr. was eager to induce me but I didn't want to because Pitocin is really hard on me and makes my contractions really hard and fast... and I was planning to go as natural as possible so I didn't want contractions like that. But-- my parents and little brother were coming in town for the weekend, Jeff had a few changes at work that allowed him some days off but mandated his return on the 26th, and I WAS MISERABLE. So, I went against the grain and got induced with Pitocin. After getting poked 4 times for an IV by the nurses the anaesthesiologists finally had to be called to get my IV in. (I hate that part.) Once contractions started I labored for 4 hours with the help of Jeff and my Doula and my ice chips! I successfully and miraculously avoided the epidural and had a 4 hour drug-free, almost all-natural labor just as planned! It was a great experience and the middle of the afternoon is a great time to have a baby.
Here I am before it all began.
Here I am right after he arrived... so relieved!
Little Deagan showing that his lungs work.
6 lbs 15 oz.--quite the little guy for being overdue.
18 inches long, the shortest Moss baby yet. He has Larson feet... no Moss toes on this boy. ;)
Meeting mommy. I actually held him as soon as he was born and got to rub him down... then we did skin-to-skin again after he was weighed and measured. He started sucking his hand and then latched on right away to nurse. He's a good eater already.... just like his brothers.
Happy parents.
Proud daddy x3
My AMAZING Doula/Former roommate/Friend Natalie. She and Jeff were the best coaches and helped so much. Couldn't have done it without them.

Deagan slept 6 hours the first night in the hospital. (Wish he'd do that at home.)
Our little cougar. (Thanks to my good friend Elisa for these darling hats/blanket).
Little peanut in his car seat, all ready to go home.
Deagan's HOMEcoming. Meeting his 2 big brothers. Love moments like this.
Corbin is such a proud and helpful big brother. He can't get enough.
Me and my 3 little boys.
The Moss family of 5!
Our 3 monkeys in their BYU beanies.
We'll certainly be busy and out-numbered but we'll have 3x the fun!


Elise said...

Oh! I have been on pins and needles waiting for this post. I am glad to hear that things went well overall with the labor. What a reward, too! Deagan is one of the sweetest babies I have ever seen. That picture of the two of you looking at each other defies description. Good luck with the adjustment!

Pheobe said...

That's GREAT! Congrats on being a mom to three beautiful boys!

Farrah said...

What a cute family! And you go Holly with no epidural..awesome! I love the one with Corbin holding Deagan. So cute!

Sovereign Family said...

Congrats!! He is adorable. :) Good luck raising 3 three boys.

Alison said...

Congratulations! He is darling. You look great. Good luck! I will be asking for advice on having 3 in a few months.

Chad and Amanda said...

I love love love all the pictures, especially the one of you and Deagan were he is smiling so big at you. Miss you and wish you the best!

Rachel Mae said...

Wow--you're amazing! Congratulations. Let us know if we can help out at all since we're just down the street . . . He's beautiful.

Christensen's said...

Love, Love, Love those pictures! I especially love the one of you holden DJ right after he was born. I'm so glad you guys live so close. Congrats!!!!

Natalie Sue said...

Love reading (and talking) about your birth story. You are AMAZING! What an incredible day. Little Deagan is so lucky to have you as his mommmy. He's such a cute little guy! And thanks again!!! I loved it too.

Mandy said...

Thanks for posting the story and pictures. It makes us feel not so far away. Deagan is so adorable! Wish we could snuggle him right up!