Thursday, September 17, 2009

Ephraim Canyon

The third weekend in August we had a great time camping up Ephraim Canyon with some of our Moss extended family. Jeff's Grandma Moss was born and raised in Ephraim and used to fish at Snow Lake often. She came up for a day to fish with a bunch of her children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. It was a beautiful place to camp!
(Thanks Haley for letting me "steal" some pics... I left my camera at home for the weekend)
The view driving up the Canyon.
Quinton is certainly our thrill seeker. He's a dare-devil at heart and we're pretty sure he'll be an X-gamer some day. His favorite part of camping is climbing and riding on the 4-wheelers (with sound effects and all).
On Saturday morning we rode down from Skyline drive to Snow Lake and enjoyed an afternoon in the sun... fishing. (There was still snow up there in late August!) Corbin and Quinton enjoyed fishing with their dad and throwing rocks in the water the most. Most of Jeff's Moss-side aunts and uncles were there with a few of their kids. What a fun family activity, eh? Perhaps we'll do it again next year? Grandpa Royd strolled the coastline collecting rocks for Krew to throw in the water...
What is it about little boys and rock-throwing... especially into water?
I left a day early with Quinton... but Jeff and Corbin enjoyed more time in the great outdoors with the family. Corbin skipped a few naps and on the ride home was WIPED OUT! Poor kid.... too much fun (and sun) for one weekend.
He had a great time with his dad.... and extended family. Camping and fishing are his new favorite activities.... well, anything with dad is fun. This little boy wants to be just like his daddy.
Can you tell?
Thanks to the Moss' for a fun weekend!


Christie said...

Looks like you all had a great time. I'm sure Sena appreciated all her kids there.