Thursday, September 24, 2009

Another Reason to LOVE Utah

Garden fresh produce from the earth!
The day we got back from Bear Lake we spent some time in our backyard getting to know our neighbors' new Golden Retriever puppies.... and harvesting some more raspberries and peaches from our yard. Our neighbors gifted us with some tomatoes, egg plants, and bell peppers as well. So yummy! Along with the zucchini and cucumbers I get each week at church from the "sister's surplus" table at the back of Relief Society, we have quite the crisper of yummy food these days-- all for free!
To add to the excitement.... just today Corbin and I picked and shelled a huge bowl full of almonds from our front yard trees. Did you know almonds grow inside a fuzzy fruit and are part of the peach family? They are known as nuts, but are actually a drupe/fruit and not a nut. Who knew? This is what they look like on the tree....
...then, when you peel off the fruit the almond is inside a hard outer shell, which you crack to reveal the actual raw almond.We're spoiled to have so much yummy, fresh food. Utah has been good to us in that regard.


bryce said...

yum! an almond tree would be wonderful. its sad summer fruit season is nearly over... I bought watermelon from costco despite the price last night because its the only place that still had some!! miss you guys... so excited to meet #3 I bet your SO ready! -Anna