Friday, September 25, 2009

88 years on 09/08/09

Meet Grandmother. This is Jeff's grandmother, his mom's mother, Muriel Jenkins Heal Bywater. Here she is with 3 of her 4 children (L to R) Christie Pearce, GG, Stephanie Johnson, and Tom Heal (un-pictured, the late Kim Heal).
She is such a neat lady. I could certainly write a lengthy post about her many positive qualities and attributes and how impressed I was (and still am) with her since the first time I met her. She is one of those women you can tell has lead a complete and fulfilling life and from whom you can soak up much wisdom and wit. Jeff has story after story about grandmother.... and she has written much of her own personal history and gifted her posterity with many books about her own life. It's great reading material. Last week, on September 8, 2009 to be exact, grandmother turned 88, and who'd have thunk? She still acts and talks and looks like she's 60!
Don't you think?
Aunt Stephanie and Uncle Ed invited the entire extended family to their cozy home up Hobble Creek Canyon.... and what a perfect time to celebrate outside. We potluck BBQ'd on the deck around the fireplace...
and the kids gathered 'round the new fire pit in the yard to roast s'mores!
It was fun to sit and talk with cousins, aunts and uncles, and of course GG (for great-grandmother, as she's affectionately known) and Gordon. That's Jeff's cousin Cory (recently returned RM from Ohio and back at BYU), his fiance Emily, Becca, and prego Michelle.
Although we didn't light 88 candles, the cake was big enough to hold that many! She blew them all out TWICE! (with some help from great-grandchildren.)
I know it's a late post, but happy birthday GG.We love and admire you and appreciate all the lessons we've learned from you!

*I apologize some of the photos are smaller.... I "borrowed" those from Stephanie's Facebook and they weren't the same size as mine. Perhaps if you click on them they will enlarge for your enhanced viewing pleasure.*


stephanie said...

Holly, you are so sweet! That post was so cute and what a nice write up on mother! She really doesn't look or act her age does she. It was really a fun evening and by having you, Jeff and the boys there made it even more special. Love Ya

Christie said...

I know mom would say she couldn't have written it better! You really wrote a nice tribute to mom. Thanks for being there and making it complete! I'll have to remind mom to check out your post...she has a hard time remembering at age "88".

mrjahb said...

Holly is so "HollY!" And so "Jolly, too!" Her little ones are so Golly Gee, Cutie and Wheee!
Thanks, darling Holly! I didn't know you cared! But those little ones are so special, and I can't wait till your new one is here! Have you a name for the one that we're waiting impatiently for? He's got to be pretty special to be one of yours and Jeff's. We're waiting impatiently! Love you! GG