Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Last Larson Wedding

On August 8, 2009 my mom and dad arrived at that ripe old age of.....
My little brother Jesse, the youngest of us 5 Larson children, got married!
It was a quick weekend trip for us, but SSSoooooo worth it!
Unfortunately I didn't take any pictures until the reception that night....
Here is Ms. Eizley (my older brother's little girl) getting ready for the party.
These 2 cousins can never get enough of each other. So cute!
Where there is no entertainment, they make their own... so funny!

These 3 together are pretty cute too.
Quinton had to sample all the goodies before the guests arrive.... quality inspection-type work, you know?
The new Larson couple dancing together after the long line of guests disassembled. Ahhh... the newly-wed gaze into each others eyes.
The daddy-daughter dance. Britt started crying so I did too. Why does this moment seem so bittersweet and precious?
Sometime during the dancing the boy cousins snuck off into the corner rocks with trucks and cars.... like I said, making their own entertainment.
My 2 sisters and I... we used to be Larsons, well... I guess we always will be. Mandy (far right) and I are both expecting baby boys before the year is out! Katie is the only girl left in AZ... we miss you!
The mother-son dance. My mom was a puddle. Made my sisters and I all cry. I love this photo because even though you can't see it very well, my dad is standing behind my mom in the distance and watching my mom and Jesse as well as my 2 sisters and I across the way. It was a moment. :)
My sweet husband requested one of our songs.... and then asked me to dance. That is HUGE for him because he's not a dancer and it's been forever since we've danced together. Kind of hard when you have a prego belly and 2 kids tugging at your dress, but we did it! Thanks hon!
Cutting the cake.... they were so nice to each other.
The sugary kiss.
Brittney's 6-year old niece who caught the bouquet.
Jesse's entertaining guarder toss.

My cousin Daniel from Vegas caught the guarder... and conveniently got married last weekend!
Manny Banda (good family friend/father of the DJ) giving Q dancing lessons. Not sure who had more fun.... Manny or Quinton or the rest of us watching.
The 2 of us thinking.... "this was us almost 6 years ago...."
Getting the party started with a little dance train. When the music breaks out the Larsons know how to bust a move.
The beautiful bride, socializing with all her girlfriends.
The sparkler farewell down the long driveway...
.... and they're off, or are they? (sorry to cut your head off Jess)
Nope... they actually stopped at Brittney's parents to get out of their formal clothes and Britt had to finish packing and Jesse had to print off their plane tickets for the next morning. So, we stopped by to drop off Jesse's iPod and say our goodbyes.
I'm sure they had a blast in Puerto Rico for a week!
Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Larson. It was a beautiful day!
HERE are a few more PROFESSIONAL shots from the big day.... and HERE are a few more.


The Thomas' said...

Wow - all the Larson kids are married now! Crazy. It looks like everyone had a great time... and the newlyweds look so happy. And I love the picture of you and your sisters!

Mandy said...

We have to watch the video of Corbin and Kimball every morning! He also wants the one of Quinton and the dancing to move too! Your post is perfect! I should have just posted a link to your blog on mine!

Mandy said...
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Kim and Matt said...

Uh...why haven't I been keeping up with your blog?! I just found it! Hope Utah is treating you well!