Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Childhood Pleasures...

Lately we've been busy trying to have as much fun as possible...aka: taking advantage of the mild AZ winter weather. So here is a quick picture/video update of what we've been up to as of late.
Attending park play days each week:
(You can't tell but Corbin is at the top of the slide and the kids lined up at the bottom are taking turns "catching" Corbin at the bottom, so his mom could rest...or get some chatting done.)

After a family birthday dinner at Costa Vida for my sister Katie we checked out the nearby Toy Store, which Corbin could have spent HOURS in... he loved this 10 cent horse ride... good thing the ice cream store is right next store so we could lure him away from the toys. He's a natural, don't you think?
(Might want to kill the music at the bottom of the page before you continue.)

Sammy, Corbin's cousin, has been coming over to play and last week Corbin and Sam got creative painting their backyard clubhouse...

(The finished product is much more colorful... I'll post updated pictures soon. Please notice the chalk "road" in the background as well, it was a busy day in the backyard.)

Playing at Grandma & Grandpa's house is never complete without a ride on the swing and a few bounces on the trampoline. Even Quinton got in on the action this time:
(See those Suns shirts?... that's fun too, to sport your favorite team shirt, even if daddy complains and tries changing your mind EVERY TIME you do.)

(Like Quinton's crazy hair?)

Trying a cookie for the first time will undoubtedly be the beginning of one of Quinton's continued childhood pleasures:

Childhood pleasures certainly include blue tongues from suckers... after you've gotten a great home-haircut from daddy!

Another fun memory with cousin Sammy... reading books together after story time at the library. Samantha was actually making her own story up in this clip because that book had no words. Corbin had no idea, but loved it anyway...

It's certainly a pleasure to snuggle with mommy in the rocking chair before naptime too!


Christie said...

I think I enjoyed all the videos as much as the kids enjoyed the fun time playing. I can't wait till I see them!

Christensen's said...

I loved the pictures. We miss you guys and hope to see and play with you soon.

Nichole said...

Very Cute...
The kids are gowning to fast,
hope we can get together again soon.

Parcell's said...

How cute! It is so important to stop all the chaos and let our kids enjoy their childhood! I think play is somewhat a lost concept for most kids now! I remember playing kick the bucket at night with the neighbor kids. I think thats why I love where we live because it is almost taking a step back in time when the kids played outside all day long or after school if that was the case! I love that I don't have lazy kids!

Scott said...

As the proud father of Holly and the grandfather of Corbin & Quinton, I am so happy that Jeff and Holly are taking the time to enjoy their children and celebrate and treasure up their childhood. I love all and am gratefull for the sacrifices you are all making for each other. You are making the most of your "family" experience. Keep it up, it's the most important thing you can do!

Mandy said...

Kimball has me play these videos every morning. He points to my computer and says, "olly? Inton? #%&*?" I can't quite make out Corbin...I am sure it isn't a swear word, but it looks like one!