Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Party Time...

Another year older... and wiser too? Happy Birthday to us!
On January 21st I turned 27. (If you read the last post, you'll know the last few weeks have been physically and emotionally DRAINING... and I got "lost".) So my sweet husband and mother-in-law and family came to the rescue and helped me to refuel, take a break, and feel great again. After a LONG restless night with Quinton I woke up and enjoyed French Toast and strawberries, my favorite, made by Jeff. Then I opened a few cards and was told to get ready because I was going to get a pedicure while my mother-in-law watched my kids. That felt A-mazing!
The end product looked amazing too! (Except the pasty-white feet... I'll have to work on that.)I came home to find this sweet centerpiece on my kitchen table... daisies and a darling "Celebrate Life" plate next to the cards from Jeff and my mother-in-law. They spoiled me.
After taking Corbin to Walmart to get a BIG basketball that he earned by staying dry, I got to watch my boys play ball for a little bit before dropping the kids off at my sisters. She babysat while my mother-in-law and I went to lunch at Cheesecake Factory and shopped at Dillard's.
Later that night my entire family (except Mandy:( ) treated me to dinner at Costa Vida. It was yummy food, good visiting, and so fun to have both of my moms there... it's not every birthday I get that special treat.
After eating I had to race off to Young Womens to help provide the dessert and had a good time visiting with those who help keep me young.... but you bet I ended the night relaxing on the couch again enjoying a yummy raspberry lemon slice of cheesecake. It was the perfect birthday!

3 Days Later...
... we did it all over again! On January 24th Jeff turned 30! He woke up to the 3 of us very enthusiastically singing: Happy Birthday! He also got to open a few cards, presents, and a snapfish custom photo book I made him that recapped his last 30 years. (made him cry... which made my day)
Jeff then enjoyed his favorite breakfast, bacon, egg, and cheese burritos with BYU Creamery Chocolate milk (thanks Haley)! After mowing the lawn (because he enjoys doing that, even on his birthday), he got to lounge around... and watch the history channel and sleep during naptime... which we don't often get to do on busy Saturday afternoons. After naps we had a late lunch/early dinner at one of our favorites, Red Robin. Corbin surprised us when he un-prompted told the waitress, "It's my daddy's birthday today." Maybe he knew that you get a free ice cream sundae on your birthday... and he wanted to feed it to his daddy.
But then he was a little upset when it was gone.
After Red's we met all my family again at the Brunswick Zone XL... for a mad game of bowling. Jeff used to be an avid bowler and really enjoys it. After getting the hang of it on the wii, Corbin is also an avid bowler... so it was a treat for all of us to go.
Thank goodness for automatic bumpers!
The handsome birthday boy... who won the bowling duel.
My handsome little brother and his girlfriend Brittney.... (any day now...)

The DELICIOUS Dairy Queen Oreo Blizzard ice cream cake... with 30 candles. Good thing Corbin helped Jeff out with the candle-blowing.
And one of the favorite gifts... a tribute book I put together for Jeff. Complete with a letter/memory/top 10 list from each of his (and mine) family members. He loved it!
So, thank you to everyone who contributed in ANY way to making our birthdays extra-special this year. We had a blast celebrating and speaking to each of you on our birthdays and thank you for all your gifts, words of love, and time spent partying! Don't know how we'll ever top it next year! :)


Parcell's said...

How fun! Looks like you guys have been very busy! Birthdays should be full of fun and family and friends. It would appear that you found all the F's on your very special days!!!

The Thomas' said...

I'm glad you both had fun birthdays - wish we could've been there to celebrate with you. And I'm so glad you've been able to take some time to slow down - it's easy to forget to take care of yourself sometimes while you're busy taking care of everyone else!

Ellsworth Family said...

Happy be-lated birthday! It sounds like you were pretty spoiled! By the way, after a $5 incentive from my Dad, Carson decided he was a Cardinals fan afterall! :0)

Natalie Sue said...

Yay! I am glad you both had such wonderful birthdays!!!