Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Santa Claus is Coming...

In preparation for ONE BUSY WEEKEND we began Thursday night by visiting Santa Claus at the mall. Despite the 1.5 hour wait, the boys did well and loved sitting on Santa's lap. Corbin, of course, had an entire conversation with Santa explaining that he wants a bike, a scooter, a bouncy ball, a ding-bell, and a train... and reassured Santa that he has been very good... "and Quinton too!"
Such a classic picture! He was a darling Santa "helper" and it was a great start to a fun-filled weekend.


Pheobe said...

This visit is definitely a "must" for kids. We lucked out and found a santa in the North City shopping place (up in north phoenix) with NO wait. WOOHOO! Merry Christmas to us all! ;)