Monday, December 22, 2008

Boat Rides at Papa's

Last weekend my sister's family arrived in sunny AZ from rainy Seattle. We hadn't seen them for months so we took advantage of the warm weather and met at my grandparents house (who live on Dobson Ranch lake) for a fun picnic lunch and play day.Corbin and Kimball were so excited to see each other again! They ran wild through the backyard kicking and throwing soccer balls and themselves around.
It was pure childhood bliss running around like that:
After our KFC picnic we enjoyed a warm ride on the boat. These 2 cousins were nearly inseparable and had to sit and stand be each other the entire ride. It's so fun to watch your kids enjoy their cousins.
Thanks "Captain Papa" for a fun afternoon!


The Thomas' said...

That picture of the two of them running is so stinkin' cute. And I had lots of fun memories in that backyard (MORP dinner, graduation party, etc...) it was fun to see it in pictures again ;)