Saturday, November 1, 2008


Halloween 2008. Funny that this is Corbin's 3rd Halloween but he is only 2. This year Corbin wanted to be a Fireman, of course. He's really not in to television characters at all yet, fine with us. To go along the the "theme" we dressed Quinton as a Dalmatian fire dog to be Corbin's sidekick. They were a pretty cute pair, in our biased opinion. To begin the day we attended Halloween story time and activities at the library. It was a full hour of fun, including photo ops all over the place:

A spooky "feeling" station where Corbin found out how scary bat bones and eyeballs are to touch.

He saw inside the Goblin Guts and looked up at me as if he'd been lied to and said, "Mommy, that's bisgetti!"

We met up with our friends from church, aka- Woody and Buzz, and later a pretty cute tourist and a dragon.

Then it was on to the pumpkin toss where Corbin won his very own spider ring....ooohhhh!

While we waited for the 3rd showing of the Puppet Show we stopped at the craft station to make foam-faced pumpkins. Corbin used the glue stick pretty independently.... getting more glue on his hands than on his pumpkin! The puppet show was actually pretty scary--meaning it was poorly written and way above the heads of a bunch of toddlers and preschoolers. After the show all 500 kids and their parents (it seemed) paraded around the entire library while all the elderly gawked at all their cute faces. Corbin didn't realize HE was the parade and on the way home asked me where the parade was. I told him he'd probably be in a parade next year and a few more years after that. During nap times I made homemade apple pie (which I'll post about next).

The evening events started with Pizza Hut for dinner after Jeff got home and then a quick photo shoot of the boys before they shed all the parts of their costumes. Their first Halloween together... our little Fire Chief and his Dalmatian, our Halloween heroes.

Quinton LOVED sucking on his flashlight... made his mouth glow in the dark as we walked around outside. We began the candy hunt in our own neighborhood at some of Corbin's friends' houses and "the cul de sac" in another neighborhood in our ward where they had a whole smattering of potluck foods and desserts! Each time Corbin said Trick or Treat he was amazed that people were actually just GIVING him candy! He wanted to eat each one as it dropped in at first, but once he caught on he kept checking his bucket to see how full it was getting. After about 10 houses we drove to grandma's neighborhood where have never been during Halloween... and oh my goodness! If you know what the Christmas lights circle is like in Rancho Del Mar, Halloween night is 25x as busy as that. It's insane, but the nice thing is that almost everyone sits out on their driveway to pass out candy so it really cuts down on time knocking at doors... and we got to leave Corbin in his stroller. He Trick or Treated in style (in the double Graco stroller) without getting too worn out. He just hung his candy bucket over his cup holder and politely said "thank you" and "Happy Halloween" to a bunch of strangers!

We decided to call it a night when we realized there were more teenagers out than children and headed back to grandma's driveway to help pass out candy. Corbin LOVED drop kicking grandma's big fake spider and running around the fire pit on the driveway... much to our chagrin. Papa was there to help celebrate All Hallows Eve... and yes, that is Corbin's glow stick up his nose!

Nothing like ending the night with a little homemade apple pie a la mode! Mmmmm......


The Thomas' said...

Oh my goodness the boys look so cute! I love Quinton's costume... and so clever to have them coordinate with each other. Glad you guys had a fun night!

Mandy said...

I love the matching costumes! Looks like you all had a blast! I had no idea Mom's neighborhood was so busy! It looks like you had fun with Papa! Sorry we missed it!

Pheobe said...

Looks like you had a great time!

Christina said...

That looks so awesome! my boys would have loved that! You boys look so cute in there costumes! :)

Grandma TeeTee said...

Loved the picture of the Fireman and his trusty best friend the Dalmation. I had to print it out and post it at my desk so I can enjoy them. Sorry we missed the action on Halloween, maybe next year will be different??? Love you!

Natalie Sue said...

Such cute costumes!!! Fun Halloween!