Thursday, October 30, 2008

Tee-Tee's Visit: Day 3, The Pumpkin Patch

After the cemetery, more naps, and more shopping we stopped by Mother Nature's Farm for some fun fall festivities.

Corbin enjoyed climbing on the pumpkins and throwing hay and rocks at the them.

It's so fun to have cousins that live close by who are so close in age... especially when you get to have sleepovers and play together!

Here's Quinton's pumpkin patch pose at 4.5 months old...

... and believe it or not this one is Corbin at 2.5 months old in the same outfit and at the same pumpkin patch. They could pass as twins.... separated by 22 months time, don't you think?

Our 2 boys...
A cute video of Corbin in all his Halloween excitement:

Measuring up to the pumpkin.

A bunch of farm animals....

Quinton the pig...

Sammy the horse...

Corbin the sheep.

The all too exciting hay ride that Corbin still talks about... and our only proof that the Tee-Tees were actually with us at the pumpkin patch.

Corbin's very own pumpkin, before decorating it... So proud!

Quinton's pumpkin, he wanted to hold it so bad!

During the decoration process. We think this place really is haunted... see that ghost who tried helping us decorate pumpkins? Crazy!

Sammy decorating her pumpkin in the most meticulous way.

I admit, I had more fun decorating the pumpkins than the kids did... something about fall and reliving everything again through your kids brings out the child in me.

Corbin had a blast playing in all the kid-sized play houses and tunnels. We almost left him there.... When it got dark we remembered we hadn't had dinner so we headed to Red Robin and enjoyed another meal on the patio with a few intermintent fireworks a few blocks away while we ate.

Quinton enjoyed the day and especially the pumpkins. Thanks Grandma and Aunt Tee-Tee for being such good sports. Corbin (and I'm sure Sammy too) made some great memories over the weekend.


Kate said...

Those are some seriously darling boys. That smile of Quinton's is just precious. Lots of great posts lately!

Mandy said...

Corbin looks so big! Wish we could have gone there with you!

Mandy said...

They really do look like twins! Are those foam stickers on the pumpkins? What a cute idea! Looks like you had a great time!

The Thomas' said...

Oh my goodness - they do look totally similar. I'm way impressed you kept the outfit and remembered to get the same picture of the boys. What a cute idea!