Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Tee-Tee's Visit: Day 3, The Cemetery

Friday morning was a lazy one. Jeff got off work early to spend with us and Rocky and Jessica made their way up North so we all met up for lunch.

Chipotle is a favorite of ours and the Tee-Tees so when they are in town we are sure to grab a meal here. We enjoyed a yummy lunch on the patio while the Tee-Tees soaked up the nice AZ sun.

Corbin and Sammy had a blast playing and posing in the rocks. So glad they can entertain each other while we enjoyed some conversation... until someones Root Beer suddenly hit the floor and went everywhere. Good thing we were outside!

After lunch we enjoyed a nice visit to the Mesa City Cemetery where uncle Kim (the twins brother, Jeff's uncle, and my sister Mandy's father-in-law) is. Jeff did a good job cleaning it up.

The TeeTees left their mark... beautiful flowers for their little brother. We are pretty sure he was laughing at the fuss we were all making over him, but they wanted him to know they were there to visit him too.

As we were getting ready to leave Jessie Heal (Kim's daughter, Jeff's cousin) drove up and we had a nice visit in the shadow of the trees where Kim could watch over and hear us.

The kids didn't mind spending the afternoon lounging and picnicking on cookies in the cemetery. They had a blast eating and spraying each other with water bottles while we visited our kindred loved ones. Come to find out-- my grandmother's headstone is in place after her burial just over a month ago. (I'll post on that later). It was a lovely afternoon.


Grandma TeeTee said...

It's fun to review the best 4 days I've had in months. Thanks to you and Jeff. The hospitality, food and my grandkids were the best. Can't wait for December when we see you again. It'll be our turn to take care of you. Love ya