Friday, October 3, 2008

Some of Holly's favorite things...

Avocado toast with veggies and berries for lunch.

Triple layer peanut butter fudge cake.

This man: my husband, best friend, and father of my children.

This face... even when it's dirty.

This face, especially when it's in response to seeing ME!

Memories of vacations to beautiful places, with Jeff!

And.... BYU football, this has been an awesome season so far and we're just getting started! It's game day! Rise and Shout all those who "bleed blue". Go Cougs!


Jessica said...

BYU football makes your list?
WOW. you are true blue, through and through.

I think Mark would pee his pants if he saw that on my list of favorite things.

(although they are having a good season, and Max Hall is a friend of ours from my parents ward, former QB for Mark's flag football team. So, we're little bit famous, right? :)

Chrissy Edwards said...

Hey Holly! I'm so glad you blog dropped in on me! I had been wondering about your new little boy, both your boys are adorable!

And...I am now drooling over that cake you posted. Don't show a pregnant lady cake and not let her eat it! :)

Christina said...

That cake! I'm so glad I don't have that recipe because I would probably end up weight 300 pounds, considering chocolate and peanut butter are my two favorite things to eat :)