Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A "Flip-Flop"!

Corbin is officially a monkey... and he LOVES jumping on beds. The other day he was jumping on our bed and kept telling me he was going to do a "flip-flop". I kept warning him not to because I could just envision a broken neck or arm. Of course, he is 2 years old and knows better than me and kept trying... and now he is officially a gymnast, not just a monkey. Check this out:


krewton06 said...

I LOVE IT! He is so dang cute. I love the pictures of the two boys together. Thank goodness for blogs. Even tho we live so far away we still get to see a little bit of your everyday life. Thanks for sharing.

Grandma TeeTee said...

Oh, how I miss those little guys. I can't wait to come see them in October. Love the videos, it makes me feel I'm right there with them. Thanks

The Thomas' said...

No way! Holly, you've got a daredevil on your hands :)