Wednesday, September 24, 2008


At 3 months old Quinton has learned to sit... in the bumbo that is. We got this out the other day and Corbin thought it was his! I was surprised that he could still fit in it. He asked me what it was called and I told him it was a Bumbo. He then questioned, "A bumbo bee?" Funny how kids minds think.

Quinton seems to love looking at the world through this new vantage point... upright! Except that the first few days his head was still a little heavy and leaned heavily to one side.

Needless to say his neck muscles have gotten much stronger in the last few days and now he can sit upright with no problem.

Corbin has become quite the poser lately and loves to be in front of the camera with a cheesy pose or smile.... and then quickly asks to see the picture. (Vain little boy, eh?) Consequently, I have LOADS of pictures of these 2 little faces, but I'll spare you. We're glad to report that Corbin and Quinton can sit down together and "play" thanks to the "bumbo-bee." (Thanks to the Steeds for letting us borrow it!)


Anonymous said...

So cute... and look at Quinton holding is head up so well. I'll bet they have so much fun together. (And isn't it funny how kids are with digital cameras - asking to see the pictures? Back in our day we had to WAIT to see pictures until they were developed. Imagine that!)

Alicia States said...

Bumbos are great! I really think Quinton looks a lot like Corbin. What handsome boys you have!