Friday, July 18, 2008

What I did while they were gone.

This is what I did while Holly and the boys were up at the cabin. I enjoyed the peace and quiet but man did I miss them a lot. I love my family very much.
1. Fixed the AC unit
2. Tore down Corbin's crib
3. Put up a twin bed for Corbin and got his room read for him when he came home (He thought he was the coolest kid in the world last night when he came home and saw his new bed.)
4. Ripped down the old closet doors in our guest room and put up new ones that actually slide
5. Took Yoda for a mile run two nights out of the four. (I thought he was going to pass out but he made it the whole way without stopping)
6. Relaxed and watch some movies I know Holly really doesn't like because they are war movies.
7. Got a new suit for Quinton's blessing in a few weeks
8. Cleaned out the garage and washed the cars.


Moss Family said...

Not sure Holly and I are going to like the fact that Corbin can get in and out of his bed when he wants too. This morning at 4:00 on the dot he walked into our room and wanted up so he could laid down with us in our bed.

krewton06 said...

Oh Jeffrey, I would have thought you were already up at that time since you are such a morning person.... :)

Natalie Sue said...

At first I thought you meant that you went and bought Quinton's blessing suit and I thought, "Wow, Holly left it up to him!? I'm not that nice." Then I realized it was a suit for yourself! Ha! Got it now!