Monday, July 21, 2008

Cousin's Camp 2008

Over 30 years ago my grandmother Ione started the Cousin's Camp tradition. For 1 week during the summer all the cousins (age 5+) came to my grandparents cabin in Pine, AZ for fun, games, swimming, crafts, snacks, treasure hunts, movies, hikes, archery and more. Now that Ione's grandkids are all grown and married the 2nd generation of cousins has started cousins camp. Last week my mom had all 7 of her grandkids and all 3 of her daughters at camp with her. Corbin had a blast playing with his cousins around the clock for 4 whole days! Now that we're home he keeps asking, "Where cousins go?" He enjoyed many firsts including roasting a marshmallow, dressing up as a cowboy, making crafts, hiking through the forest, picking fresh produce out of the earth to eat, watching cement trucks and dump trucks drive by, playing with playdoh, taking a long bubble bath and hanging out with the big kids. His favorite was swinging with Landon and Kimball.


Blair Family said...

That is really cool. My mom does something similar. She calls is cousin power. We actually have a private blog for them also. She does fun things with them. But not all of them together. And she says "when you are tempted to do something you know you are not supposed to just think of your cousins and cousin power and they will be rooting for you to do the right thing." Anyway, it is really cute. I love doing stuff with family!!!

Dusty said...

Those are great picture! you will have to email us the ones with kimball. He really does look like Bugs Bunny! How funny!