Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The 3rd Week

We made it to week 3 and things are looking up. Quinton is awake more during the day and he's such a happy boy. We catch him grinning at the blinds and the ceiling fans all the time. He has started to coo and laugh as well and its the cutest thing. These pictures and videos just aren't the same as the real thing. We sure love this little guy!
Smiles for mommy. We think he has Jeff's crooked smile. Awww...
Quinton had his first official bath in the real bath. No more sponge baths! Corbin loved showing off his swimming skills to his little brother... and I'm sure Quinton will love all the splashing when he's a little older.
Corbin and I even got in some time on Sunday to make some funfetti cupcakes! He even got to lick the bowl and the beaters with daddy. YUM! He's practicing baking cupcakes for his birthday, which he has all planned out, so stay tuned.

Sorry about the twists and turns of the camera, I forget that I can't do that if I want to post the video here. I'll also apologize about the background noise from Corbin, he always has to be heard. Quinton has really begun to focus better with his eyes and has started responding to us. Isn't he so handsome? We can't ever get enough, of course.


Jessica said...

What a cute video!
It's amusing to hear Corbin in the background whining for your attention. :)
I know that sound!

Kate said...

That video is great. What a handsome little boy Quinton is! And he's already looking so much older than his newborn pictures. So so cute.
And you already look completely 100% skinny in that cupcake picture. You look great!

Alicia States said...

He's a KEEPER! Babies are so precious! Thanks for sharing!!!