Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Wii & Wee

I know I am late with this post...but better late than never.
For Father's Day Jeff's 2 gifts were:A Nintendo Wii...

... and baby Quinton.
But the best part of this story is that in the middle of setting up his Wii, Jeff changed Quinton's dirty diaper. As soon as he was finished, he wrapped him back up in his blanket and was headed toward the living room to place him back in the swing. Suddenly Jeff got a scowl on his face as he realized there was something warm against his chest. He looked down at Quinton and then at me and asked "Are you kidding me?" Yep... our little 1 week old had christened the Wii moment with his own version of wee-- and dad didn't find it so funny. But mom sure did! :)

Seriously though, I am ssoooooo grateful for Jeff and all his fathering skills. This Father's Day has been especially meaningful as we've welcomed a new little person into our family. Although I was in no shape to do as many things for Jeff on his big day as I wanted to, he still felt our gratitude and didn't complain once about not having the "day off" like our usual custom. He made ME breakfast, lunch, and dinner as well as entertained Corbin and changed a zillion diapers. He really stepped up to the plate and showed off his fathering skills on Father's Day. Good thing he got the Wii so that once the kids are in bed... he can have a little "time off" to play like he deserves. He is such a hard worker and I'm not sure how he maintains his sanity while trying to juggle a full-time job, full-time school, a wife, 2 kids, a calling, and all the house and yard chores that he does. He's an inspiration in our home and Corbin, Quinton and I adore him!