Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Week 37 Update

Well, there's progress, but not much. After today's check-up I am still 75% effaced and now dilated to a "good 2.5". The doctor said I'm "not quite a 3, but close". Here I was thinking I would definitely be 100% and a 5 and I've only moved 1 cm. Discouraging. But, progress is progress and it's better than none, so I'll take it anyway it comes. Of course I am going to be much more ambitious in my activity this week... swimming, walking, stairs, etc. Problem is, we sold our single stroller and our double stroller hasn't arrived yet so I'll have to walk someplace with a shopping cart for Corbin. Guess this means I'll be shopping! :) Thanks to the suggestion from my sister-in-law, Haley, for the pedicure--- there is a pressure point on the foot that helps to induce labor-- so I went and got one this morning and I'm already feeling better. Now I have cute toes to look at too! :) The following pictures are a small documentary of my prego belly. Sorry, nothing more recent, we had a photo shoot over the weekend and they'll be posted ASAP. Enjoy!December 2007
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Alicia States said...

Walmart is a good place to go "walking"... I could spend hours there... lol... but I guess I'm not really "walking" the whole time, but Im on my feet anyway!

Farrah said...

Shopping always sounds good to me too! I remember those "being checked" days. I was always discouraged because nothing seemed to be happening. I guess that's why it's so nice to have a c-section scheduled now. Have fun in your adventures this week! =)

krewton06 said...

I love the montly "progression" pictures as well as the family ones. You have an adorable family. Lucky for me that I can claim you as family!!! :o)