Sunday, May 11, 2008

Water fountain

On our family outing Friday night we ventured out to the Apple Store @ SanTan Village (Gilbert's new outdoor mall). It was my first time out there but Corbin and Jeff had stopped by before so we brought Corbin's swimsuit and towel in case he got in the water fountain, but of course we left them in the car. .. and we let him play anyway. He started out fully clothed because he looked seemingly uninterested.
After observing the other kids running through the water and screaming in sheer delight, he couldn't hold back, and he was eventually soaked....duh, mom! I should have guessed.
So, yes we are "those" kind of parents who let our almost 2 year old run around in his diaper in public. Oh well, 2 other kids were doing the same thing and Corbin won't care until he's a teenager and we show these pictures to his friends.
He tried pretty hard to plug up that water spout!
Then he gave just gave in to trying to drink from it, YUMMY! You know you live in Arizona when the outdoor malls provide water features such as this to help keep your kids cool while you shop!


Alicia States said...

That looks like so much stinkin' fun!!! Makoa (and Cam) would LOVE THAT!!

The Ellsworths said...

Cute pictures, and yes, he will hate you for those in about 12 years! :0)