Sunday, May 11, 2008

Harley boy?

Every time Corbin hears or sees a motorcycle he says "Grandpa!" Jeff's step-dad, Grandpa Dick owns a Harley and 6 months ago Corbin rode on it for the first time. Well, last weekend Grandpa Dick came to AZ for a quick ride with his sister and some friends, and of course had to stop in and see us. His first encounter with the Harley really sparked his interest, but Corbin's obviously not ready to follow in Grandpa's footsteps just yet. This time around he was a little unsure of that loud bike and let us know it.
The bike wasn't even on yet and he was screaming to get off. Oh well, fine by me. I'm not ready to see any of my boys (Jeff or Corbin) riding around on one of these.