Tuesday, May 13, 2008

My Boys & Motherhood

As I sat in church on Sunday (Mother's Day) and listened to all of the wonderful talks on womanhood and motherhood and the divine role of a mother in shaping society through rearing and nurturing her own children in the home.... it dawned on me that this beautiful "position" I now hold as a mother could never have happened with out my 2 favorite boys: Jeff and Corbin. As parents, Jeff and I created the positions we now hold as Father and Mother and Corbin was the child who "taught" me all about motherhood and why and how I could love mothering him so much. Essentially I could not have had the privilege and learning experience of motherhood without these 2 individuals in my life...together, they made me a mother! So, on this Mother's Day I wish to acknowledge and thank them for their unconditional love in my life.
I also want to thank my boys for installing this new fountain for me in our yard as a Mother's Day gift. Some type of symbolism found in this beautiful gift. Of course, Corbin is Jeff's side-kick and always has to help daddy do anything that requires tools.
It was a gift in itself to watch them work together to install it. Both of them broke a sweat!
No, we didn't plan the matching outfits, but that is pretty cute.
That is the fountain completely installed behind me and Corbin's gift and card to me: iRemember digital scrapbooking software for our iMac! Now I can enhance my blogging abilities as well! Be warned!
So full of love and affection for mommy. I can hardly bend over my other little boy in my belly to get a kiss! 3 weeks to go.Yet another boy in my life that made mother's day special this year... my missionary brother! Jeff captured us during our long-awaited phone call from Elder Larson in Brandon, MS. We all circled round the speaker phone before dinner to talk to him and he sounded so good! We miss him.Corbin had been practicing his portion of the conversation for weeks. He can say "Uncle Jesse, Miss-ippi, teach Jesus, riding bikes, miss you!" Then, unprompted he started to count to 10 for Jesse and told him "Ready not here come!"... like he was playing hide and seek with him long distance. SO STINKIN' CUTE! It was a perfect day surrounded by my boys! :)


Mike, Sandra, & Chloe Jo said...

Hello Moss family, Just wanted to comment on your awesome purchase from Costco. The fountain. Looks like you have a really good helper helping you. Mike Strong

Angie said...

Cute post! You look great Holly. I can't believe you only have 3 weeks left!

Jessica said...

What a sweet post! It totally made me cry (and I'm not even pregnant!)
Your fountain is beautiful and I'm sure it will always remind you of how much your boys love you.
We'll see you in the morning. (Asher was sad when we left, he cried and said, "Corbin house!")

Angie said...

According to "Likeness" on Facebook...we are "twins." It seems like you are always at the top of my list:)

Blair Family said...

Too cute! What a great day! Corbin is so cute. I can't wait to see the next one. Good Luck!