Sunday, May 11, 2008

Hide & Seek

This has been Corbin's new favorite game for the past 2 weeks. EVERY morning he's anxious to play it with mommy- who can't really hide that well for the next few weeks... and as soon as dad gets home each day from work this is the first thing he wants to do.
Hmmmm...I wonder where Corbin went...can anyone see him?
Oh! There he is, under his bed!
Daddy's turn to hide.There he is... silly daddy in the shower!
Corbin's turn again...see his foot sticking out from under the sheets?Daddy found you!
The cutest thing about watching him play this game is that he actually counts to 10 (skipping 2 and 6) and then yells, "READY NOT HERE COME!" His concept of hiding is hilarious too because he usually tries to hide in the same place or he thinks that if he can't see us (his eyes) then we can't see him. One time I found him with only his head in the kitchen cabinet and one time Jeff found him on the living room floor with his hands over his eyes. He's so much fun to play with. His little brother is in for it. :)