Sunday, March 30, 2008

Spring Break @ The Phoenix Zoo!

My sisters and mom and I decided to take advantage of the last day of Spring Break (Friday's) weather by spending a day at the zoo with our kids. Jeff had a half day (for Good Friday) so he met us there as well. This was Corbin's 2nd time at the zoo but he enjoyed it much more this time around because he knows most of the animals now and the noises they all make. He especially loved petting the sting rays, the monkey encounter, riding the tractor, feeding the ducks after lunch, and playing in the water with his cousins. It was a nice day to be outside and enjoy the "cool" AZ spring temperatures.


Parcell's said...

Wow petting Sting Ray's? Corbin your awesome! I don't think I could even get the guts up to doing that. Anyways looks like you guys had a blast and it only makes miss miss you guys more. I only wish I could get to know that little one of yours better, he reminds my of an awesome cousin i had and played with every day. Look forward to your next post