Sunday, February 10, 2008

A Valentine for our Readers

We know it's a little early but we wanted to show our "love" to all of you, our faithful blog readers in the blogworld. Jeff & I will be out of town this week and unable to wish our greetings on the real day so we thought we'd leave a little cyber-treat here for each of you. Too bad you can't really taste them because these are the traditional Moss Valentine cookies with cream cheese frosting and a special secret ingredient and they are delectable. There are still some on the counter as we speak, so if you feel so inclined stop by and Jeff's mom, who's watching Corbin all week will be here and glad to share. That is if she and Corbin don't enjoy them all first!


The Ellsworths said...

Good luck! It was so hard to leave when we left Carson to go to Hawaii (he was only 11 months), but once we got on the plane, we were too distracted to be sad! You will have a blast (and so will Corbin)!

Kate said...

Ummm... did you forget to bring me some of those cookies? I'll forgive you. Have a GREAT trip!!