Thursday, January 3, 2008

Happy 4th Anniversary!

Jeff & I celebrate 4 years of marriage today... once again, where has the time gone?
We sat and reminisced last night about that day and how perfect it was and it's still funny how many memories we each have of that day that come out that we have never heard from each other before... like how Jeff cared less about the ensuing rainstorm that hung over our head all day.
Our friends Michael and Jenny are getting married today (or already are married) in Salt Lake and we wish them the best. When we told Mike that his wedding day was the same as ours he laughed and said, "Well I guess it is a good day because you guys have a happy marriage, right? So we will too."
He's right, we do have a happy marriage that only gets happier and stronger year after year. I'm so grateful for Jeff and all his hard work and support and love and can't wait for another 4 years, 40 years, and into eternity. You're the best babe! Love you!
(This picture was taken on our 1st anniversary when we went ice skating @ the Galivan Center in downtown Salt Lake and then stayed at the Little America Hotel... such fun memories.)


The States said...

I love it! How wonderful! We miss you guys and cant wait to see you! Happy New Year to you all!

Natalie Sue said...

Happy Anniversary you guys! You are such a great couple...with a cute cute cute boy! Congratulations to ya!

The Bodells said...

Holly you are so gorgeous and you look just as gorgeous today as you did 4 years ago! Happy Anniversary! Miss you!

The Thomas' said...

Happy Anniversary! I was thinking about you guys yesterday and thinking back on that day - it was such a fun time. Congratulations!