Monday, December 24, 2007

More Early Gifts

Our Christmas gift opening started a little early this year... with permission! We spent Thanksgiving in Utah and so we were loaded down with gifts from Jeff's parents upon our return and they told us there were 2 gifts (1 for the boys and 1 for Holly) to open early so we can enjoy them for the Holiday season.
Jeff and Corbin got an Orvis Classic Rail Train complete with 8 feet of track, a whistle, and smoke capabilities. It was Corbin's new favorite thing this year and every morning he wakes up and says choo-choo! He then demands to watch Polar Express, his new favorite movie.... but he really only watches 3 or 4 of his favorite scenes: "All Aboard", "Hot Chocolate", "Caribou Crossing", and when Santa finally arrives.
As far as the train, it ran around our tree for a few weeks before the batteries eventually died and we decided not to replace them for parental sanity reasons. It was great entertainment while it lasted and every child that came over in the last 3 weeks thoroughly enjoyed it.
Corbin didn't quite understand the concept at first and actually wanted to ride on the train like he did at his friend Hayden Thomas' house... (on a much bigger Thomas train built to ride on). It was pretty cute though to watch him chug and whistle as he pretended to be on board.
As for my gift, it kept in theme with the Polar Express... it's a "Believe" wooden word for Christmas decor that we put right next to one of our Santa's and our baby Jesus. Corbin certainly believes this year and we hope to keep it that way for some time.
As for Jeff.... well he tried to get his hands on 1 of those 50" Vizio Flastscreen Plasma 1080pi TV's from Costco on the day after Thanksgiving sale while we were in Utah but the TV's went so fast that he was too late to snag one. BUT... we were at Walmart 2 weeks ago and lo and behold they had the very same TV on a crate with the same Thanksgiving Day Sale sticker price they had at Costco... the LAST ONE! He was too afraid to walk away from that deal... and since I love him so much and he's been wanting and researching these TV's for 3+ years now, I gave in and we walked out with it. Thanks to our good friends the Cox's for helping Jeff to install it and make it work with his Surround Sound so it would be just how he dreamed it. Merry Christmas to the Moss'!