Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas Lights...

This time of year is never dull! There is always something to do whether it's Christmas shopping or holiday parties or family gatherings or wrapping gifts or watching Christmas movies or baking or eating or looking at Christmas lights... We have done it all this year so far. It's so fun to get in the car to drive ANYWHERE and see lighted houses lining the streets. They look like gingerbread houses and make me smile. Corbin also enjoys the entertainment and enjoys rides in the car so much more when there are so many things to look at and point at.
He really enjoyed the temple lights a few weeks ago. It was also his first time seeing the Christus presentation in the Visitor's Center at the temple and he was in absolute awe when he saw that "BIG Jesus"! He kept waving at him and blew him kisses before we left. It's so funny to watch him take everything in. Kids certainly help light up our life, Christmas lights or not.
The other night (or for the past week) Corbin has had a hard time falling asleep and staying asleep, so car rides usually do the trick. Well, apparently not during Christmas. After 40 minutes with me in the car one night (at 1:15 am) he was still awake and pointing at all the fun lawn items of all the houses we were passing. GRrrrr.... Another night during Jeff's run he found this AMAZING house around the corner from ours that has millions of lights...and a LIVE SANTA outside EVERY NIGHT! He made a mental note and decided we'd have to go back another time. So, Saturday night we stopped by and Corbin (who's warmed up to Santa a bit more) walked right up and sat on his lap and told Santa he wanted a "hoop". He got his first candy cane, enjoyed all the lights, and came home to fall asleep in daddy's arms at 10pm. Not bad.