Monday, December 31, 2007

Christmas 2007

Here's a recap of our Christmas Eve and Christmas morning. We enjoyed our traditional Mexican dinner at my parent's with our traditional homemade Larson salsa that I especially craved this year. Ione & Papa were there (my mom's parents) which made it special... and of course we walked around the Nopal infamous Christmas lights busy cul-de-sac. Corbin loved it every week in December! Corbin had so much fun with his cousins he fell asleep in the car on his way home before he could set out the cookies and eggnog for Santa. Jeff & I enjoyed the early bed time though. =) We also enjoyed our first Christmas morning alone at our own house with Corbin. He was over the bows this year and LOVED ripping wrapping paper. He could have been happy with just 1 toy this year and we think he was a little overwhelmed with it all. He opened 1 thing and just wanted to play with that instead of moving on for more. Jeff got new clothes and shoes and the TV, DVD's and he was so sweet to give me the brand new model Bosch Universal Plus Mixer! I absolutely love it. After presents he made us homemade pancakes and we then enjoyed nap time before visiting more family. We had Turkey dinner at the Wride's (my sister's) and then ALL my siblings came over that night for homemade crepes (in my Bosch) with all the Swedish fixings (Swedish heritage) and our sibling gift exchange. It was a great day, but we were worn out!